The Credit Chef Is Bringing The Taste Of Financial Wellness To His Customers Through Credit Repair and Financial Education

Charles Truvillion Jr, better known as The Credit Chef, is a licensed and experienced credit expert, who is helping individuals gain knowledge and repair their credit. Charles started as a self taught chef, who used a mixture of different flavors from across the world. Prior to becoming a private chef, his friend’s dad had taught him the importance of having good credit and how it could help him in the future. One day, as he was working at an event, he intervened in a conversation about credit and loans and offered his help for free. Slowly, Charles realized that he could help others through his knowledge. With this idea in mind, Charles set out to create his own Credit Repair and Financial Education business, and combined his background as a chef and credit experience to call himself “The Credit Chef.” 

So far, Charles and his team have helped over 5,000 clients repair their credit in the past 6 years. Thanks to Charles, clients have been able to purchase their first home or car, and some have even started their very own business.  

“The enjoyment I get from helping a consumer increase their credit score is far more satisfying than enhancing their palate. We help them taste the outcome of healthy credit,” shares Charles. 

In a way, Charles helps consumers enhance their credit scores the same way he enhances their palate with his cooking. Having had his own struggles with poor credit due to financial mistakes, Charles knows firsthand the impact that poor credit has on one’s lifestyle, as well as the emotional and mental toll it can have on a person. This is why Charles helps consumers repair and maintain their credit, and avoid making the same mistakes he made in the past. 

Throughout this year, Charles plans to tap into the real estate flipping industry and open a tax office to help his clients in a different way, thus becoming a one stop shop for all of his clients financial needs. 

“The most important part of being a business owner is your mindset. You have to build an impenetrable mind to not accept any negativity because it will stop your success,” states Charles. 

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