Gladys Trasorras, Also Known As Golden Girl Gladys, Is The Celebrity Tanner And Trainer We All Should Be Listening To

Spray tans afford you the opportunity to sport sun-kissed skin, regardless of the time of year. Not only are they considerably safer than soaking in the UV rays from the sun, they allow you to choose the exact shade you want in mere minutes. That’s fast compared to other time-consuming tanning methods.

What’s more, spray tans allow you to look fresh off the beach all year long, but the benefits go beyond the effortless glow they provide. One perk: If you’re skipping real ultraviolet (UV) rays in favor of getting a spray tan, your skin health and appearance will benefit in the long run. Radiation from the sun, tanning beds, and even nail-drying lamps all contain UV rays, and UV rays are the biggest known contributor to the development of melanomas and other skin cancers, according to the experts.

Here’s when Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning can help! The business is a Miami based mobile spray tanning salon that allows their clients to receive a mobile spray tanning experience in a pop up tanning tent anywhere, anytime. Their services include fast, convenient and affordable mobile spray tanning to Miami and surrounding areas. 

Gladys Trasorras is the successful businesswoman and entrepreneur behind this innovative company. Gladys has worked on television and advertising for several years, but in 2008 her path changed due to the recession that hit the United States and forced many companies and businesses to close. She decided to leave corporate America to launch her business in 2012.

That’s how the idea of creating Golden Touch was born. At the beginning she knew that the industry had a very bad reputation for turning people orange and smelling bad, but Gladys was determined to change that.

“I thought to myself…What if i can change this fact? What if I can turn people brown, not orange? What if I can make people smell great and do a spray tan within 3 minutes instead of 30 minutes?” So, there my journey began!”, she explains.

Up to date, the Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning team has tanned top celebrities like Paris Hilton, Steve Madden and Miss Universe. They have also expanded into Tulsa, Los Angeles  and now serve international markets like Mexico City. As Gladys always says, the sky’s the limit!

This business stands out from the crowd by focusing on all the details. Gladys has built an incredible reputation for over a decade by taking care of their client’s health and wellbeing. She and her team also have a great vibe and they always over deliver great results with no excuses, in order to meet the needs of even their most demanding clients.

Golden Touch offers multiple shades to their clientele, ranging from light, medium, dark, to double dark tones. This gives their clients the option to select the shade that is tailored to their specific skin tone, in order to achieve a natural and perfect look.

“I am building a global brand and look forward to becoming a franchise soon and a household name- I am also releasing my new book titled “From the pit to the Palace, How to be your own boss” this year!”

So, before you book your next appointment at Golden Touch, here are some of Gladys’ recommendations for the getting the most out of your spray tan glow:

Before your spray tanning session:

  • Shave and exfoliate.
  • Remove all topical creams or substances, like deodorant, lotion, and/or oils from the skin.

After your spray tanning session:

  • Stay hydrated.
  • Use proper aftercare products.
  • If swimming in a pool or ocean, always rinse off right away to keep the chlorine or salt water from exfoliating your tan quicker.

To find out more about Gladys’ amazing work, follow her on Instagram here. You can also check out Golden Touch’s website here.