At Rock Bottom and In A Financial Hole, Carlos Smith Relied on a Credit Coach to Help Him. He Decided to Dedicate His Life to Doing the Same for Others.

Having bad credit is something that Carlos Smith knows all too well. Unfortunately, he had a number of doors slammed in his face because of this. Out of money and stuck between a rock in a hard place, he happened upon someone who turned his entire life around.

“I was broke at that time, so I didn’t get a lot of opportunities. Then I met this guy who was able to fix my credit, and he was good; I got results in 9 days. After that, I asked him plain and simple, “How much does it cost to teach me what you just did to my credit?” He gave me a price. I worked to get it, and there it was — a WINDOW — a golden opportunity: I had a MENTOR. He helped me get capital and then I just went full throttle,” Carlos remarks.

From that moment on, Carlos realized the power of credit. He took to heart just how good it makes someone feel to have good credit. He went to work and learned everything he could about the credit industry and how he could make a difference in people’s lives. His mission is to help everyone who feels like him and are down on their luck turn their credit lives around.

“All of a sudden, I was helping people left and right. That’s when it hit me – I didn’t just start a profitable business, I discovered a CHANNEL for me to help people JUST LIKE ME – Americans who are down on their luck, hoping for an opportunity to pass them by.

I think my company’s mission says it perfectly: To help fellow Americans achieve financial freedom. We go to work everyday with that in mind, from the sales consultants all the way to the IT guys – and our clients feel that everytime they talk to us,” Carlos recounts.

What differentiates Carlos from the rest of the crowd in the credit repair industry, in addition to having lived the experience, is that he is a problem solver. Whatever he encounters, he finds a way to solve it and overcome the challenge.

“I’m a problem solver. I’m not sure if it’s because of where I’ve been in life, but it’s like I’m programmed to ALWAYS find a way. I love challenges, but I love the learning that comes with it even more. Problem-solving isn’t just about finding solutions by the way – it’s also about having the right mindset. Some people just head back when they arrive at a brick wall. They won’t try to break through or even climb it to see what’s on the other side,” Carlos states.

Right now, when people are hurting their most due to the effects of the pandemic, Carlos is launching an online class to help as many people as possible even if they cannot meet with him and his team in person. This allows his company to be more accessible and successful in their goal to help people.

“Right now, I’m launching an online class. We all know what the Corona Virus is doing to industries across the globe, so I thought to give budding entrepreneurs OR anyone DRIVEN ENOUGH to succeed – the CHANCE to learn about the Credit Coaching business. I’m willing to MENTOR them and just pay it forward. This business has helped me when I had nothing, and I hope I can open this CHANNEL up to more people,” Carlos details.

To find out more about Carlos, you can follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.