Gabe and Danny Arik are Redefining the Jewelry Industry with Happy Jewelers

While pursuing a career of entrepreneurship, there are many important traits and qualities one must possess in order to find their desire level of success. A sense of pride in your work and profound confidence are both crucial parts to an entrepreneurial work ethic. For Happy Jewelers co-owners Gabe and Danny Arik, confidence was a quality they learned from their father and something that has been reassured with every customer they have left 100% satisfied over the years. “We are the best in the jewelry business,” Gabe proudly professes.

The confidence of Gabe and Danny Arik is rightfully expressed, though. Happy Jewelers has been consistently rated as a top jeweler in Orange Country since Gabe and Danny opened the store back in 2000. “Many people shop around before deciding where to buy an engagement ring,” the brothers share, “and any customer who has gone to the big-name chain stores before us, they have told us how their experience with us was hands down the best experience.”

While their father, Isa, had found success as a jeweler over the decades, the brothers were relatively unknown in the industry when they opened their store, but they used their confidence to earn trust and respect from their customers, partners, and competitors alike. Establishing strong relationships with suppliers and proving their worth in the industry, the Arik brothers were quickly able to begin creating some of the most cutting-edge and highest quality pieces in all of Orange County.

“My brother and I have the same core values and goals, so we work well together on achieving the end goal, which is to put a smile on everyone’s face,” Gabe shares. Happy Jewelers aims to please each of their clients, who come from all walks of life, with complete satisfaction.

Along with their custom engagement rings and other unique designs, the brothers have been able to collaborate the Happy Jewelers brand with some high-profile brands and companies like BMW, Bravo TV, and the Real Housewives of Orange County. The exposure they have received through these partnerships has further exemplified the legitimacy of their product line.  

Beyond their successes with Happy Jewelers, Gabe and Danny Arik have done their part in helping the future generation of entrepreneurs through their advice. “Stay true to yourself,” Gabe plainly states. “Work hard, deliver on your promise and do it for a fair price.”

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