Jean Fallacara is a Serial Entrepreneur and Neuroscientist Who Has Revolutionized Many Industries From Cold Storage To Fitness

How are advances in the different branches of human knowledge achieved? This may be a question that people may have never asked themselves and in a way, the answer is obvious. It is through the studies and research conducted and carried out by other people who seek to know the purpose of things and how to improve the quality of life of human beings.

Jean Fallacara is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, neuroscientist, coach, biohacker, and COO of Biohacker Update magazine. Driven and determined to be the best at everything he does, he is considered a natural motivator although he expresses that his deep root is in science.

Through his career, he has revolutionized industries, such as the cold storage industry, and as the CEO of Cyborggainz, he has applied functional neuroscience to sports and fitness. 

I changed the cold storage industry by bringing to market the most advanced and safest Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer with self-diagnostics and a backup refrigeration system. In the sports industry by combining Neuroscience with Calisthenics, I have shown a new way of training for peak performance, helping athletes around the world push their limits. I recently acquired Biohackers Update magazine intending to unify the scientific and Biohacking communities, making them work in synergy.” Jean shares.

Jean is a multifaceted entrepreneur as he is involved in several industries ranging from biomedical science to mindset coaching. He is dedicated to doing his work because of his passion towards challenge. 

Great athletes think, train and thrive, sport is 90% mental and 10% physical. To play in the playground of the best athletes it is not enough to be as physically dedicated as they are, you also have to think like them. Building the right mental framework to become an elite athlete is not an easy job. From psychological preparation and mental skills, to brain strategies and wisdom, the world of sports is the ultimate business challenge.” Jean states.

As an expert in the area, Jean points out that mindset is everything. He believes it is important to continually embrace change and continue to develop while maintaining ideology and core beliefs. 

“For many human beings, this is a paradox, but any visionary businessman has managed to embrace both means. What this means is that the following steps must be observed: Never settle for the status quo; Establish an irrepressible inner world to keep improving; and Never focus on competition.” Jean advises.

Jean says that some of the biggest obstacles he has overcome so far have been finding employees, partners and collaborators who dedicate the same level of effort as he does.

It is hard to find partners who can be immersed in the work, becoming almost brainwashed in their commitment to the company. Having other people truly dedicated to the vision.” Jean explains.

Moving forward, Jean will continue to work to drive change by experimentation, applying scientific fundamentals to everything. He is inspired by the Charles Darwin theory on the biological evolution of species. He believes a lot of great things take place often by accident, which is why he is not afraid of mistakes or failure. This allows him to not fear the future.

“My upcoming projects include going public with my Biomedical Corporation, establishing Neuroscientific Calisthenics as the worldwide standard for learning skills in the fitness industry, and making Biohacker Update magazine the reference in the world for Biohackers and wellness enthusiasts.

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