Many People Who Have Lived through What Cameron Mutter Did Would Never Be Able to Recover. Cameron Has Done That and More. Find Out His Story Below.

Cameron Mutter has gone through many challenges to become the businessman that he is today. More so than just struggling financially and having trouble getting off the ground, Cameron also went through a difficult personal trauma that has inspired his business. When he was just starting to make his big leap of faith in life, his son was born several months premature.

“The day I quit my job my wife went into labor that evening with my first born son, Christopher. He was due in September so he was several months early and was born on May 25th, 2020 just a few days after I had quit my safe, secure job selling insurance. Christopher fought very hard for 3 weeks and on June 15th, 2020, at approximately 2am in the morning he passed away while lying in my arms. 

I now dedicate my life, business and the impact I create for the people I serve to my son Christopher. I remind myself of him every single day,” Cameron recounts.

Cameron, after this devastating loss, was pushed even harder to become the businessperson he knew he could be. He became an owner and operator of a high ticket sales and marketing agency that specializes in sales funnels, high ticket sales, and paid advertising.

“I’ve always known I wanted to work for myself and build my dreams, not someone else’s. I eat, sleep and breathe sales and digital marketing. It’s what I do and I’ve always had a passion for it,” Cameron states.

Cameron has been able to differentiate himself from others in the industry on multiple levels. What makes him different is his willingness to sharpen his skills and put in the effort every single day. To do this, however, he had to develop an incredible mindset.

“Mindset is everything in this business. It determines your thoughts, thoughts determine actions, actions build behaviors and behaviours repeated over time build habits. If you have the right mindset then developing the skills, networking and putting in the work will all follow,” Cameron says.

His advice for all of those looking to follow in his footsteps is to find your niche in the market and build your business around that.

“Find something that the market desperately needs that you think you could do well and start getting great at it. Also, start right now with what you got, don’t try to be perfect. Imperfect action is always better than trying to be perfect and not taking action,” Cameron advises.

Cameron is launching several large projects that he is excited to share. They are going to be live and in-person mastermind events with funnel projects and other amazing launches. To keep up with all that Cameron is doing, follow him on Instagram here and check out his website here.