Now the top heavy-equipment importer in S. America, Jes International is poised to turn an entire industry on its head

Entrepreneur Samir Nazar knows what it means to thrive. As president of equipment giant Jes International, Nazar has expanded the company’s reach across the Western Hemisphere to dominate markets in South America and beyond. From their base in Miami, Florida, Jes International manages the procurement and export of equipment ranging from generator units and ATVs, to reefer trailers and field-ready tractors. Now in their 25th year of operation, Jes International is ready to expand into new markets across the Atlantic, while providing the same unbeatable service for customers of every size.

“Although my family has owned Jes International since its inception, it wasn’t until 2014 that I decided to join forces to help grow this company,” Nazar recounts. “I was a college dropout looking for an opportunity to grow this business and to grow as a person. I wanted to build an empire and Jes International provided the perfect foundation for such a venture. I had always watched my father as he created the solid base for the business, and I knew that with my sales and marketing skills – and no small amount of dedication – I would be able to scale the family company to hitherto unseen heights.”

Since taking over as President and CEO, Nazar has worked tirelessly to scale the company and expand its reach outside of the US. Even in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent supply-chain fiasco, Nazar managed to break into new markets in South America, quickly becoming the top heavy-equipment importer on the continent. With more than 500 reefer trailers shipped south to the continent in 2021 alone, Jes International is poised to dominate the lucrative heavy equipment market for years to come. Jes International is increasingly a secure choice for investors and clients alike, and they are now licensed, bonded, and insured both in the US and internationally to provide customers the heavy refrigerated transport equipment that they can be confident in.

The heavy equipment business isn’t all fun and games, however, as Nazar shares: “The biggest challenge in this business are the factors that you cannot control. For example, dealing with truckers, suppliers, and the various shipping ports. There are so many different variables and outside factors that can affect the process. However, with more than seven years of experience in the business – with our fair share of trial and error – I have been able to exceed client expectations and provide an unparalleled level of customer service that our clients can rely on to always deliver the best customer experience.”

Moving forward, Nazar is looking even farther abroad to expand Jes International’s reach into burgeoning markets in Africa, the Caribbean, the Middle East and beyond. With sales already topping 500 reefer units per year, Nazar has negotiated Jes International into a prime market niche, connecting high-end producers of heavy transportation equipment with international buyers in hot markets. By hitting scale and establishing deep ties in the international shipping community, Nazar has cut his customers’ costs significantly; enough to edge out fierce competition from the US and abroad. Now, Nazar wants to double sales to 1,000 units, while faithfully providing the same intimate level of customer service to clients across the globe.

“We truly go above and beyond to meet our clients needs. We have over a 95% customer-satisfaction rating, which allows our business to thrive off of repeat customer referrals. We have been in business for a quarter of a century, and have been pioneers in the heavy equipment industry since the beginning. At Jes International, we understand the frustrations, the pains, and the problems that clients have experienced when doing business elsewhere, so we make sure that they can get every yard of service directly through us as their heavy equipment one-stop shop!”

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