The HJ Collection, Knowing The Ins and Outs Of The Entrepreneurial World Despite The Constant Challenges.

In the property development world, it’s important to forge relationships with several qualified contractors. Specifically in the UK, working with different construction partners up and down the country ensures the ability to maximize the full potential of the UK property market. One company was able to realize their assets’ utmost profits in such a market because of their business model. This company is HJ Collection, under CEO Reece Mennie, who have extensive experience in sourcing, developing, introducing, and raising capital for property developments in the UK and worldwide. More importantly, this company takes the time to get to know its clients and meet their investment needs

HJ Collection combines developing desirable, affordable living spaces with an intelligent and innovative approach to urban regeneration. Most recently, they utilized the lockdown period to evaluate their existing business interests and develop new ways of giving back to the wider business community. What many people saw as a challenge during the pandemic to keep going and find new things to do with their time, Reece saw an opportunity to create something for the many impacted communities. To him, the challenge was just another opportunity to prove himself and show that HJ Collection can adapt to even the hardest of circumstances. 

Now the company continues to keep pushing on with their developments and bringing high specification, affordable living to the areas they develop in. In the next few years, HJ Collection is hoping to be a leading household name in both the development sector and alternative property investment industry.

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