Paris Hilton, Steve Madden and Miss Universe Trust Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning To Obtain A Natural & Organic Tanned Look. Learn More About This Successful Company Created By Gladys Trasorras!

Many people get spray tans at their local tanning salons with mixed results. But in order to get amazing results from a spray tan, mobile spray tanning is a new revolutionary technique that is on the rise and that guarantees incredible results. Having a spray tanning artist come to your home or hotel is very convenient and celebrities have been doing it this way for years. Well, that is exactly the type of service that Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning offers!

Let’s face it, Miami is a very hot city. The last thing you should be doing immediately after a spray tan is walking back to your car in 90 degree heat and sweating all over your car seat. When you relax in your home you can stay in the cool AC while your tan dries without having to worry about getting dressed, sweating, or getting rained on.

Another advantage of mobile spray tanning is that tanning technicians usually use better quality products and can spend more time giving you that perfect glow. Many tanning salons use cheaper, smelly orange solutions and rush their clients out the door. When you receive a tan from Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning, you are getting tanned by experienced and trained team members with several years of experience. They use a high quality, organic solution that lasts for 7-12 days depending on skin type!

Gladys Trasorras is the successful businesswoman behind this profitable company. Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning is a top-rated salon in Miami, with numerous clients including high-end celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Steve Madden and Miss Universe. In fact, the company has expanded into multiple markets since their conception and through the challenges of COVID-19, Gladys’ business model was perfect to continue growing and serving her client’s safely. 

“It was not easy to create this business due to astigmatism and the bad reputation the industry of spray tanning had at the time because it turned people orange and smelled horrible, but I was so thankful I was able to overcome those roadblocks and find a solution”, Gladys explains.

The products they use at Golden Touch do not have a smelly odor, instead they have a delicious raspberry and almond essence. Plus, they are organic, vegan, paraben free and gluten free.

Currently, they have served more than 10,000 customers and are verified on Google. However, standing out in business in today’s competitive market is not an easy task. But Gladys and her team manage to do it! They stand out from the crowd due to the integrity and incredible reputation they have built for almost 10 years now. In addition, their team members are extremely careful, detail-oriented in their work, and they are trained with the best techniques on the market.

“We strive to be the best to see a smile and satisfactory experience for our very loved clientele. Always take the high road. Really care about our clients. We truly are passionate about our craft and put our clients first and ensure that we always leave them with a smile on their face. We truly love what we do and do what we love!”, Gladys adds.

Of course, not everything has been easy on Gladys’ journey. Quite the opposite. Gladys has dealt with big obstacles such as recovering from severe toxic mold poisoning, which has undoubtedly been the hardest setback in her personal life and career. Plus, at one point she lost everything she had and she became homeless.

But none of these challenges stopped her, rather they pushed her to rediscover all the greatness that she has inside.

“I learned that whether I have a lot or I have a little none of that matters. What matters is that you can build and have everything all over again. Your success is not in things gained or lost, your success is found in you. Greatness lies within us. We just have to tap into that greatness, cultivate it, and success will be inevitable”, she details.

Golden Touch Mobile Spray Tanning is the result of the efforts of an incredible woman, with a highly inspiring story. Today, Gladys is living the American dream thanks to her tireless desire to work, her courage and her undeniable passion. 

Without a doubt, Golden Touch is a fully successful business that is revolutionizing the industry and that guarantees incredible results to all their extensive clientele. Once you get an airbrush tan from a tanning artist you will appreciate the quality, convenience and luxury that mobile tanning has to offer!

To find out more about Golden Touch, check out their website here.