Aldo Lopez, CEO of BNEFIT, announces that they will open operations in Hong Kong

After two years of operations BNEFIT, the multi-company of the multi-level as they describe themselves, moves its operations to Hong Kong. The company has been operating globally for two years, starting in the Seychelles and rapidly expanding in Latin America, with great success. As of today, they carry out operations on 3 continents and have decided to officially transfer their commercial headquarters to Asian territory, not only because of the great prestige and economic boom it boasts, but also because it will allow them to access the prosperous Asian market.

Aldo Lopez, founder and CEO of BNEFIT, tells us the reason for this decision and the intentions behind it.

-Is this a quantum leap in moments of crisis?

“I don’t believe in crises, I believe in hard work and taking advantage at all times. The winter in the crypto world made some fall and others to rethink the business. Today we have a company with three verticals and in 2023 we will have three more to close the cycle. That way, our partners do not put all their eggs in one basket. Six independent verticals is the goal for our 3rd year, thus initiating our exponential growth”

In Hong Kong they plan to develop a high-performance hub for relationship marketing networkers, something unique and innovative designed especially for top BNEFIT leaders.

“While some are scared and cry this winter, we are full of strength and will sell scarves if necessary,” emphasized Aldo Lopez, with whom we had an interview at the Los Angeles airport.

-How do you see the future of the crypto economy for 2023?

“I see in the entire economy, not only in the disruptive one but in the traditional one, a difficult season where those who diversify are the ones who will obtain advantages. Business, like life, is not a straight and perfect road. Quite the opposite. There are potholes, curves, hills… In our case we even had to build the roads!” concludes Aldo.

Undoubtedly, this decision will bring innumerable benefits to BNEFIT and all its associates and will represent a positive change that will greatly contribute to expanding its business operations throughout the world.