A white teacher in Texas is fired after claiming his race is ‘superior’

A high school teacher in Pflugerville, Texas, was fired, district officials said, Monday after a social media video showed the white teacher telling his students his “race is superior.” .

“Last Friday, November 11, Pflugerville Independent School District officials became aware of an inappropriate conversation a teacher at Bohls High School had with students during an advisory class,” the Pflugerville Independent School District superintendent wrote, Dr. Douglas Killian, in a statement. “As of Monday morning, November 14, the teacher in question was no longer an employee of Pflugerville ISD and we were actively seeking a replacement,” the statement said.

Videos of the conversation in question were posted on social media last week.

In one of the videos, the teacher can be seen when he tells his multiracial class: “Deep in my heart, I am ethnocentric, which means that I believe that my race is superior”, and the reactions of the students, inside and off-camera, they’re audible.

An off-camera student asks, “So white people are better than everyone else?”

The teacher replies, “Let me finish. I think everyone thinks that. They just aren’t honest about it.”

After some other discussion in the video, a student asks, “You said you’re a racist, right?”

“I did, yes, I’m trying to be honest,” replies the professor.

In the audio, a student asks the teacher to repeat. The teacher says, “I said, ‘I’m a racist.’ That’s what I said. Do you know what that means?”

The students’ responses overlap, and the teacher continues: “It means that, deep in my heart, I believe that my race is the superior one. That’s what it means to be racist.”