United and American Airlines put price caps on tickets in some cities to help stranded Southwest travelers

Many Southwest customers have been desperately trying anything to get back home. However, some passengers were horrified to find that other airlines have advertised last-minute flights to their destinations but at a cost of thousands of dollars.

United and American Airlines say they have a solution: The airlines will impose price caps on travel to and from select cities, the companies told CNN.

While not specifically mentioning Southwest, American hinted that the price caps were designed to help customers of the collapsed airline return home.

Price caps vary by location in the areas affected by the cancellations, an American Airlines spokesman said.

American Airlines notified customers of the price caps in a series of tweets targeting people who posted screenshots of $1,000 flights.

A traveler posted a screenshot showing flights from San Diego to Orlando with American, Delta and United fares costing more than $2,000. The passenger was looking to rebook a canceled Southwest flight.

“We are doing our part to help get people where they need to be and are capping rates for select cities,” American tweeted.