Taking a Leap to the U.S. Market, Reece Mennie Using all of His Years of Knowledge to Establish a Base for Himself in the U.S. Business World. 

While the market becomes more and more linked as the world globalizes further, it can still be hard to ensure your business is successful across multiple markets around the world. The U.S. market has been a particular wild card in recent months due to a number of factors including the ongoing pandemic. However, many entrepreneurs are daring to get further and further involved in the U.S. market in order to expand their business to a new level and become part of a larger group to potentially work with.

One of these entrepreneurs is Reece Mennie. Reece is an expert in the world of sourcing, developing, introducing and raising capital for lucrative property developments UK and worldwide. Reece has been working with investors for many years in the United Kingdom and Europe and growing his business throughout that entire time.

“Working in partnership with key property development partners for HJ Collection, I have established a leading reputation within the industry, having raised circa £80 Million for property developments over the past 6 years, fulfilling all returns to my network of High Net Worth and Sophisticated investors. Additionally, I have created my own Top 25 podcast series, Mennie Talks, where I interview proven and renowned business leaders to provide insight into their own journey to success, whilst offering guidance and advice for listeners and followers across the globe,” Reece recounts.

However, Reece is not just working to establish a footprint in the United States; he wants to keep the ball rolling after and become a real presence in the country. In other words, he is in it for the long haul. He details his plans below:

“Our goals for 2021 will be to keep pushing on with our developments and bringing high specification, affordable living to the areas we develop in. We currently have a few developments highlighted to move onto in the pipeline for the first quarter of next year which is a very exciting prospect for us and will look to continue growing and taking advantage of a lot of opportunities upcoming. I’m sure it will be an exciting year for all businesses to bounce back and get back to their best.”

Reece’s method of creating a successful business differs from others in his profession. He is incredibly conscious of the communities he is working in and tries to ensure that they also benefit from his presence as much as any of the investors he works with.

Reece was able to learn all of this from watching his dad at a young age. Learning from him inspired Reece to conquer any challenges that come his way including expanding his business in the middle of a global pandemic and an interesting economic time.

“We’re always encountering challenges in this business, but it’s about how you respond to them and prevent them from occurring next time round. Challenges are seen as an opportunity to prove yourself and learn from them, and I’m always willing to learn to keep myself ahead. Unique is a very understated word for 2020. Last year was like no other, and we have had to learn to adapt to the new way of living and working it has presented to us. Although it has been unprecedented and challenging, I have been lucky enough to have a great team around now, so we have met and overcome every difficulty and bit of adversity with confidence and professionalism,” Reece states.

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