Smith Financials LLC Helps People Achieve Financial Freedom Through Credit Coaching: Learn More From Carlos Smith, the Man Behind It

For many years now, the family economy has revolved around credit. The better a person’s credit record, the more likely he or she will be able to acquire certain things more easily than those who do not have a good credit score.

In order to have a credit score that allows a person to manage their finances comfortably, it is necessary to have some knowledge about the credit system. This is why it is important to have the excellent services of Carlos D. Smith, also known as The Credit God.

Carlos is a credit coach, and the founder and CEO of Smith Financials LLC, a fast-growing credit coaching business in the United States. He is also a father and a businessman. 

Credit largely determines many of the things people may or may not have and many people don’t understand how the system works. Carlos founded his company Smith Financials LLC, with the purpose of educating people.

It starts with restoring your credit, but it doesn’t end there. It continues beyond fixing and goes all the way to the building, and maintaining what they have achieved. We make you look good, NOT JUST on paper, but in all aspects of your financial life so you can have better options, and MAKE BETTER financial decisions,” Carlos expresses.

Many successful businessmen like Carlos advise people who want to start their own business to enlist the help of a mentor as much as possible, a guide to lead them on the road to success so that it will be easier for them to walk that path. 

I met a guy who was able to fix my credit, and he was good. After that, I asked him plain and simple, ‘How much does it cost to show me what you just did with my credit?’ He gave me a price, I worked to get it, and there it was – a WINDOW – a golden opportunity: I had a MENTOR. He helped me raise capital and then I went all in.” Carlos shares.

That way, with the knowledge gained Carlos, he was building a network of contacts and before too long he was helping people like him who were going through a bad situation with their credit.

I think the mission of my company says it perfectly: To help Americans achieve financial freedom. We work every day with that idea in mind, from sales advisors to IT people, and our customers feel it every time they talk to us.” Carlos says.

In light of all that has happened with COVID and in the context of wanting to help other people achieve a better future through improving their credit, Carlos has created an online class geared towards people where he provides the opportunity to learn about credit coaching.

With the course, Carlos gives people the Credit Coaching Blueprint, a blueprint for success, and that information is available to anyone who is willing to follow in his footsteps and make it in the credit industry.

I am willing to MENTOR them and just pay for it. This business has helped me when I had nothing, and I hope to open this CHANNEL to more people. I want to be known for helping people succeed. If I can build my business enough to run long after I am gone, I will be very happy because I know I have continued to help, not only my clients but also my employees and their families.” He states.

For Carlos, mentorship is everything–it is the best way to learn something quick and fast without making many mistakes. That is why he came up with the Credit Coaching Blueprint

“A lot of people might think I am a very educated man but the simple truth of the matter is I barely graduated high school. And I was the only one in my family to do so. I picked up my knowledge of credit, business, and financial knowledge through self-education and mentorship.” Carlos shares.

Having the right template for a business, the right process and platforms handed out to you can help guarantee your success with less risks and in less time. This is why the Credit Coaching Blueprint is an amazing opportunity.

Find out more about Carlos Smith, The Credit God, here.