Sistema Apple by Andrés Orozco is a Platform that Benefits from Its Partners & the Partners Benefit From the Platform. Learn How

A real change inside is more than enough to shape your own reality and achieve your goals. That’s what Andrés Orozco thinks and lives by everyday of his life. Andrés is a Colombian petroleum engineer, but all his life he’s been a natural entrepreneur, working in the publicity, audiovisual production, events and commerce industries. He is also a human development and spiritual guidance coach.

He has been located in Mexico for 20 years now and has been fortunate to meet 50 different countries with his job. Currently, Andrés is impacting 6,000 people in Latin America by being part of his platforms’ community. He found motivation to start his business after seeing many people struggling to pay their bills. This is why he created an association system by participation, and then the opportunity that people could earn from every transaction on this system. 

Andrés is the CEO of Sistema Apple, Apple Golden, Apple Smart and TreidBlue. They are integrated platforms with the objective of solving their communities’ necessities. Here’s what each one’s about:

  • Sistema Apple: a community where the members benefit from a system of online marketing, obtaining yields, bonds, residuals and royalties. 
  • Apple Golden: a high quality products marketer to guarantee the wellness of the people from Sistema Apple.
  • Apple Smart: an investment system focused on new projects, startups, digital investments and others.
  • TreidBlue: a buying, sales and renting services platform among the users of these platforms.

People and enterprises can enter these communities by giving an input to the Sistema Apple platform and start receiving the different benefits. With this money, the platform generates products, businesses, technology, investments, leaving interesting income margins every month. 

“These gains have surpassed by 10 times those of the traditional market. Now, after having these superavit, the partners have access to their earnings to use in the other platforms or take it out, re-invest it, buy something or pay their day to day expenses”, comments Andrés about Sistema Apple.

With this money, people can purchase the products and services provided by the other platforms, where many of those products are services from the same partners that enter the community. It’s a system that looks to benefit its own members.

The great thing about the system is that it’s something completely innovative. He inserted a new socio-economic system. Its approach has proven to be effective, since every day it’s delivering new products, services, developing new technologies and businesses. Andrés hopes to reach 100,000 people in the following 5 years, and why not? 1 million for the next 10 years.

At the beginning of his journey, Andrés faced much skepticism from people who believed that he was a fraud. But with time, the growth and the testimonies of his clientes, he was able to reach a good reputation.   

“My main objective is that people can forget about their daily preoccupations. After this change of mindset, the idea is to generate a financial, economic and social system where people can really have this equilibrium in their basic necessities and expenses. A system where people can cover their bills, purchases, ect just by being a part of it.”

To Andrés, the world changes every day, but the same does not happen to people due to ignorance or conformism. His mission is to change that and help people change as the world does.