Property Investment & Development Expert, Reece Mennie, Takes His Reach to the US After 8 Years of Successful Investing & Business Career!

Being in the investment industry requires guts, a well controlled temper, the ability to take measured risks and technical skills that are acquired with study but also developed with experience. But to be successful in the same industry is another thing. The pressure increases, precise analysis of the market and the environment are necessary and decisions have to be made with a cold head at all times. 

Reece Mennie has this kind of experience and success. A property investment and development expert, particularly focused on sourcing capital and providing investors with strong returns. He’s the co-founder of  Hunter Jones in 2013, where he has been responsible for high-level investment opportunities and was his first big success, when he transformed it from a startup to a multi-million pound empire in just 3 years.

He has raised around  80 million pounds for property developments over the past 6 years; developed 1,000 units at a GDV in excess of 350 million pounds; and completed 30 projects in the last 5 years with his development partners.

How has he achieved this much? With hard work and determination. At 15 years old he discovered a passion for sales, which later moved him to the real estate business. Now, Reece’s impact is not limited to raising money, but also to  easing the UK’s housing shortage, as well as positively changing the environment to people who need it by contributing to different charities in the communities he works at.

Reece’s next step is to move to the US and expand his reach after 8 years of a successful career in the UK. This could be his biggest challenge yet, given the high unpredictability of the market shown in the last 3 years, particularly with the COVID-19 pandemic and all its consequences. 

“We want to keep pushing on with our developments and bringing high specification, affordable living to the areas we develop in. I’m sure it will be an exciting year for all businesses to bounce back and get back to their best”, comments Reece about his plans when he reaches the US.

There’s no doubt he will perform as great as he has done in the UK, especially with his mindset. Through his dad, he learned to see challenges as opportunities, a saying that is not only true for business, but for life.

His other companies are HJ Collection, a property developer in the UK, with the vision of producing sustainable, efficient and affordable living accommodation for all people. Also, there’s Bigas Marketing, a marketing agency with social media managing, content creation, website updating and podcast editing services.

His recognition and name in the industry led Mennie to create his podcast series Mennie Talks, a podcast with many professionals in the business industry. They share their experiences, challenges, obstacles, tips and how they could build the career and reputation they have nowadays. 

There are many opportunities waiting for Reece in the US, as well as many obstacles, some that Reece has never faced before. But just as his slogan states, as “some people dream of success while others wake up and work”.