Meet Paula Jimenez Garcia: The Colombian Beauty Queen and Businesswoman Who is Changing the Fashion Industry

Paula Jimenez Garcia is a Colombian young woman who has gone from beauty pageant queen to businesswoman. She is an entrepreneur who has for three years developed a clothing line focused on the youth market and highlighting the natural beauty that all Colombian women possess.

Paula was born in the city of Medellin, is the eldest of two sisters and is a lawyer. In 2019, Paula was chosen as “Miss Antioquia.” This allowed her to participate in the National Beauty Contest, where she was the first princess and acquired the right to represent Colombia in the contest “Our Universal Latin America,” which will be held in Miami later this year.

I am a lawyer working in the public sector, as well as a model, a businesswoman, an entrepreneur and a dreamer who feels capable of accomplishing whatever she sets her mind to.” Paula says.

Within the clothing market in Colombia, there is a wide variety of high-quality clothing but there is a scarce supply of elegant clothing for youth, which motivated Paula to start her business. 

What motivated me was the scarce supply of elegant clothing for young people, which although excellent quality characterizes certain clothing items, they are not made for the youth as avant-garde outfits that can be easily adapted to a corporate environment.” Paula explains.

Having traveled a path that has led her through different scenarios such as the beauty and business industries, Paula believes that the mindset is crucial for people starting a project for two reasons:

FIrst, people need to know that if they don’t have or cultivate a good mindset, their will can be ruined, while a good mindset leads to achieving positive things. Second, they need to know that mindset not only applies to the field of business but also for everything in everyday life. 

“Mindset can determine what will actually happen with your life in the future, it is a very powerful ‘tool’ that must be used to the fullest to leverage on personal projects.” Paula comments.

People in life face different types of difficulties or obstacles that can induce the preparation and improvement of the person to be able to overcome them. But there are also inevitable situations that can inhibit progress. For Paula, one of the biggest challenges was the death of her father, which marked her life in all aspects. 

Human beings are never prepared for the death of a loved one. I could not say that it has been an obstacle I have overcome because I consider that it is something that can never be overcome. I think I learned to accept it and to thank life for having allowed me to have him for so many years.” She shares.

Nowadays, people have the impression that everything is very standardized including beauty and fashion. To be able to stand out it is necessary to have a genuinely differentiating element.

This is why it is important that Paula manages to stand out because she does not rely on standards of any kind. She has her own style, and always tries different things based on a variety of elements.

I believe in my own style and in what I can project to the world from my personality. Obviously I’m not saying that I don’t look for information about what is fashionable at the moment, but that doesn’t mean that I stick to that.” Paula explains.

In the near future, Paula will work to expand her business nationally and internationally. To do this, she will improve the products in her portfolio to be able to export her products in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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