Meet Lazaro Nolas: The Photographer Running Nolas Studios in Queens, NY, Offering a Variety of Photoshoot Options To Clients

Lazaro Nolas is the photographer behind Nolas Studios, who was born in lower Manhattan and raised in Barahona, Dominican Republic. During his teenage years, he returned to New York and since then he has lived in Queens where he works as a professional photographer with his girlfriend Cristy.

Before starting in the photography industry, Lazaro already felt an attraction for photography although he did not expect it to be that way since he had planned to be a cameraman at the beginning.

He studied to become a cameraman at university, but at the same time he bought himself a professional camera. Soon after, he decided to switch careers and grow in the profession of photography.

It only took me to take a few pictures of a couple of people to discover that photography was my biggest passion. So I made a decision. I bought a camera and decided to pursue photography as a profession. I have to admit that I have no regrets.” Lazaro shares. 

Long before even considering becoming a professional cameraman or photographer, Lázaro had had different types of jobs where despite getting paid, he didn’t feel very comfortable fulfilling other people’s dreams since he wanted to be his own boss.

I had to work in things that were not my favorite, like selling hats, cleaning bathrooms, in barbershops, parking lots, etc. My reason for starting my business and getting to where I am today was to be able to overcome all the work and discomfort I went through doing all the jobs for someone else. I wanted to be my own boss, to be able to do things my way, to not have to work for someone else to survive, and to be able to help my family succeed alongside me.” Lazaro says.

Today, Lazaro runs his own photography studio called Nicolas Studios Inc, located in Queens, New York. He is constantly contacted through social media to schedule photoshoots.

After discussing with the client about whatever photoshoot they want, and the time, day, theme, and how many pictures will be taken, the client comes to the studio where the pre-arranged pictures are taken.” Lazaro explains.

For Lazaro, he believes he experiences success every day because for him, success comes from doing a good job for each of his clients and doing what he loves most.

In my business, I am in constant interaction with my clients, and nothing makes me feel more like I have succeeded in life than seeing their smiles when I show them the pictures I take. Each smile motivates me to continue and keep going until I see the next one and that in itself forms an infinite cycle of which I do not get tired and I doubt I will get tired in a long time.” Lazaro states.

Professionally, Lázaro is looking to expand his studio to the maximum in the near future, to have a bigger space to be able to portray different ideas and accommodate more of his clients. 

I want my studio to be successful, to be recognized by all of New York, to have the possibility to be financially freer and to be able to make my dreams grow, as well as my business.” He adds. 

On a personal level, Lazaro wants to be able to open more businesses of different types that will give him the ease of being able to spend more time with his family and enjoy life more. 

I would also like to buy other real estate properties and a house for my mother to continue growing as a person. In the future, I want to look back and tell myself I didn’t waste my time thinking if I was going to make it.” Lazaro says.

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