Liliana Zamudio Highlights Emotion in Fashion: That is Why She Runs Eclectic Downtown, a Brand of Crystal-Encrusted Headbands and Handbags

The fashion industry is changing almost daily. There are styles that were once the rage or the last cry of fashion and have been reborn like a phoenix. Fashion is not only about an article of clothing or a haircut, it is also about accessories such as headbands and handbags.

Liliana Zamudio is the founder and CEO of Eclectic Downtown, which is a brand of handmade crystal-encrusted headbands and handbags. Liliana has worked in the luxury goods industry for over 15 years and has managed international brands for the Asian and Pacific, Southern Europe, the United States, and Latin America markets.

As a travel enthusiast and admirer of world cultures, I have had the opportunity to visit more than 30 countries on five continents. My world travels have opened my eyes and mind to new cultures and given me the opportunity to appreciate fashion, All my life experiences, the countries I have visited and the people I have met along the way have enriched my learning, given me a deep love for beautiful eclectic style and allowed me to gather the sensitivity and taste to curate this first collection of amazing handmade crystal clutches and headbands that I hope you will enjoy and make you stand out from the crowd to make you feel the unique, beautiful and special person you are!” Liliana shares.

Eclectic Downtown works with factories located in the Asia-Pacific area where all products are made to order. Production is started by suppliers only when the order is received and each item is handmade as the stones or gems are embedded one at a time.

Although the items that promote Liliana’s brand are often considered luxury items, it is also true that in each one there are elements of emotion and humanity, which she seeks to highlight.

“I don’t want a person to buy our product to compare themselves with the person at the next table through the material aspect, but to feel like an improved version of themselves. I want the person to buy our products because of emotion, because they have fallen in love with the product and because our collection makes them feel good. It’s the human connection and emotion that drive us as a brand. Our industry is about emotions, illusions, dreams, and beauty, a beauty that goes beyond the physical aspect.” Liliana explains.

Eclectic Downtown’s products are very original and are totally out of the ordinary. This is one of the characteristics that differentiate them from their competitors. Behind the brand, there are years of experience and for them the essential thing is not the product itself but to achieve customer satisfaction.

It is not the brand, nor the product, nor the marketing, our real protagonist and centerpiece is our final consumer and, therefore, our service will always be impeccable. We put a lot of love into every detail, from handwriting, every thank you note, to thinking through every detail of the packaging, to shipping free of charge across the United States, to shipping orders the next business day. We do everything to make our customers happy with our product and our level of service.” Liliana states.

In the near future, Liliana plans to continue growing Eclectic Downtown through learning and developing strategies on social media to grow her audience and customer base steadily and quantitatively by always offering products and content that people like and want to integrate into their lives.

We just started our brand a month ago and we are currently selling in our ecom and one more market place. We want to continue selling in other markets, work with independent retailers, and eventually export to other countries outside the US. On the product side, we would like to increase our catalog offerings by bringing in more interesting products, categories and eventually create our own designs and lines.” She adds.

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