Founder and CEO of SurfCT, Paul Vigario, Tells Us His Story On How He Transformed His Business Into The #1 Dental and Medical Technology IT Firm

No one understands dental and medical technology, digital workflow, and practice automation more than Paul Vigario, founder of SurfCT, a unique and internationally recognized dental and medical information technology company. Paul completed his degree in management/computer information systems with a focus on healthcare technology at the University of Connecticut. He came up with the idea for this company during a class project. While everyone agreed the idea of a full service IT company for private practitioners was a good one, no one thought that it could be done. However, Paul didn’t let that stop him. He worked on his idea day and night and started the business out of his college dorm room. 

I started when I was 20 years old. There was a lot I didn’t know. You have to keep an open mind and always be learning and growing. To this day I enjoy the learning, growing and journey more than the destination. You meet wonderful people along the way. It’s fun when SurfCT helps our clients grow in ways they could not imagine possible,” Mr. Vigario said.

What started as a dental information technology company, SurfCT now helps doctors connect and automate everything in their private healthcare practice. The company’s ability to automate practice operations and drive patient experiences makes it the technology company of choice for dentists. After two decades, the word is out amongst doctors and healthcare entrepreneurson what SurfCT does and now many plastic surgeons, medspas, optometrists and veterinarians also seek SurfCT for healthcare practice automation and IT. The company has worked with over 12,000 dental and medical practices all over the world to help them grow. This type of experience is priceless for a doctor starting a new private practice or entrepreneurs seeking to expand their healthcare brand. 

SurfCT helps to connect a doctor’s vision, design, technology, brand and treatment options into a complete system that elevates the doctors, patients, team, practice and overall brand experience,” Mr. Vigario said.

As the authority on dental technology in dentistry and across many other elective medical practices, SurfCT does not have the need to compete with any other companies in the field. The offering of knowledge, IT, systems, automation and execution is unique. SurfCT helps doctors grow their practice and business – the company builds systems for doctors and for the way they want to practice, in a way that changes their lives through practice automation. At SurfCT, everything is connected®️, which refers to both healthcare practice automation systems, as well as elevating the lives of all the people who come in contact with a SurfCT designed system.

At we say Everything Is Connected®️ – we trademarked it. Some people think we are talking about IT and computers, and we are, but we are more than IT. Elevating and helping our clients is what we are about. Mindset and the ability to elevate and deliver is everything!,” Mr. Vigario said.

SurfCT has over two decades of experience and continues to grow by taking amazing care of their dentists, doctors, and clients by listening well and systematizing their vision, making their dreams come true and their lives become easier when everything is connected®️. Paul and his team know that in order to get ahead in business and succeed as an entrepreneur, you must first help your clients get ahead. And that is exactly what he and SurfCT has done with some of the top doctors in the world. Furthermore, Paul Vigario knows that it takes time, hard work, and passion. This is why he encourages future entrepreneurs to start a business they are passionate about: 

Do it because you love it, because it’s a true passion of yours. The money is a by-product. If you don’t love what you’re doing, it’s not going to happen because someone out there will love it and they will beat you. You have to love what you do and work to be number one. There is no second place., ” Mr. Vigario said.

Paul has also been through the rejection of starting a new business, but encourages you to not be discouraged throughout the process. 

Like most entrepreneurs, get used to hearing the response ‘NO,’ people love to say ‘No,’ but you have to let that NO drive you and over time; it’s actually motivation to keep getting better and with real knowledge and being the number one firm on healthcare technology, the ‘Nos,’ – well they turn to ‘Yes,’” Mr. Vigario said.

Throughout this year, Paul will continue to focus on growing his company and keep leading the dental and medical technology industry. 

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