Fletcher Ladd and Sasha Karabut are Two Entrepreneurs Who Combined Forces to Take the E-Commerce World by Storm with ECOM Capital

Sasha Karabut and Fletcher Ladd have an incredible rags to riches story that details their successful climb as they both plunged into an industry where they had almost no experience. How did they make such a climb? Sasha’s story begins with meeting a breaking point that made him reach a nothing matters mentality.

“Falling into the wrong crowd almost cost me my life. Being homeless for several months, sleeping on friends couches and trying to make ends meet while debt collectors and banks pursued the near $150,000 debt I had accrued; I met my breaking point. Only skilled in carpentry and construction meant options were limited, However with the “Nothing to lose” mentality and “only up from here” optimism, I dove head first into a completely foreign industry with no experience or knowledge with a “do or die” approach that turned my first business into a 7 figure venture within 18 months,” Sasha explains.

Sasha met Fletcher, a 21 year old entrepreneur, and the two combined heads to create their e-commerce business. Fletcher, with a background of technology, took a calculated risk and followed his passion to create their business.

“By factual evidence we’re one of the fastest growing companies in our sector, we’ve grown from a team of 2 to over 100+ people from inhouse to offshore talent from the likes of top talent who build Walmart, Amazon, eBay, Nike, Apple & Shopify. Our business model is unique because we take the clients from our start side which we build, train and coach the client to sales within 90 days with their own eCommerce store and we invest in their business once they’re getting sufficient traction and then we help investors invest in existing eCommerce stores. As Well as acquiring our own eCommerce stores for long term growth,” Sasha and Fletcher comment.

What has made them unique from others and how they differentiate themselves from the competition is that they have focused internally on making themselves better instead of focusing on the competition.

“We are not concerned with competition or differentiation. What we do is better than anything on the market, at this point it’s about scaling systems that will allow us to simply reach and service more people with what we do. Winners focus on winning, losers focus on winners. We’ve had the best financial experts in the world. From ex-Goldman presidents, to Wharton School of finance wizards give us advice and insights,” Sasha and Fletcher detail.

As they have had massive success in the e-commerce industry, Fletcher and Sasha have turned their attention to creating a better virtual environment for their employees and scaling up their business to meet new and exciting challenges and demands that are coming their way.

“We are working on scaling a remote team nationally and internationally, working on systems and processes to allow customers and clients to experience extraordinary results as the business grows. In addition, we are focused on product improvement, talking to customers, and building scalable systems for the future as well as attracting the top 1% of talent to work at Ecom Capital from all over the world,” Sasha and Fletcher say.

To find out more about what the two entrepreneurs have coming up, you can check out their website here. You can also follow Sasha on Instagram here and Fletcher here.