Alejandro Perez and His Team Help Hundreds of People Launch Their Own E-Commerce Business: They Know That Not Everything Works For Everyone

Alejandro Perez, also known as the king of e-commerce, migrated to the United States from his native Venezuela and reinvented himself completely. Today, he is a reference to many in the growing e-commerce industry.

When he first arrived in the United States, Alejandro worked as an Audiovisual Producer, generating audiovisual content for influencers to generate sales of goods and services.

Soon after, Alejandro got involved in e-commerce, since around that time and thanks to the evolution of the internet, social media platforms such as Instagram began to boom. 

“Having lived the initial experience of what e-commerce was and could be, I fell in love with the process and results offered by e-commerce, so I started to learn more about the industry.”Alejandro shares.

Currently, Alejandro is growing in the e-commerce industry. He resells different types of products and merchandise through his different personal accounts used for drop shipping. He also provides services to different brands that want to enter the market and sell their products in the Amazon ecosystem through sales automation but don’t know how.

Alejandro knows that many people have the means to invest money to generate passive income through e-commerce, but don’t know how to do it. That is why Alejandro and his team offer special services to create an Amazon account that will generate an income to their client and in return they charge a small commission.

“I was motivated to work in this industry because e-commerce offers many advantages. It gives you the opportunity to start very small compared to other businesses, but at the same time you can grow your business very quickly.” Alejandro adds. “Also the person does not have to have a fixed schedule of work or have a boss to whom he must be accountable.”

Despite all the possibilities offered by e-commerce, how far a given person goes will depend on the mentality of each person. Keep in mind that not always what works for one person will work for another.

There are strategies that work for some and not others. Taking this into account, Alejandro and his team evaluate how far a person is willing to risk before starting to help them or design their strategy. 

I am one of those people who prefer to take risks and try to see what happens, but I do not live in fear wondering what happened? Or what would happen?” He says.

In an industry that is evolving and transforming at a dizzying pace where there are different platforms with different ways of doing things, Alejandro says that one of the biggest obstacles has been adapting to changes in technology platforms used in the e-commerce industry.

Alejandro stands out from his competitors because he provides totally personalized attention, which often contrasts with corporate service. His type of service provides a degree of security to his customers, while knowing that Alejandro is not afraig of anything.

“One of the most important achievements in my professional career was seeing the people I used to look up to for advice and help come to me now for advice and help. I am the one who helps and advises them as a reference in the world of e-commerce.” Alejandro states.

In the near future, Alejandro plans to continue growing the structure that is already working and obtain more clients. He also plans to develop his personal brand and provide one-on-one coaching services.

At the moment, he is also getting involved in the Brazilian market and is selling different products and brands from Brazil. Together with his wife, he is creating an e-commerce business based on hygiene and hair care products.

Learn more about the king of e-commerce, Alejandro, here.