A Nurse who is Giving Back to the Nursing Community, Mohamad Younes is Helping Train Up and Coming Nurses. Find Out More Below.

From engineer to public health worker to Youtuber who helps others in the professional world, Mohamad Younes has done it all. Growing up, he thought he was going to be an engineer after years and years of watching his parents do just that. Unfortunately, a family divorce left Mohamad reeling.

“I didn’t choose my career, it chose me. I was programmed to become an engineer from my life with my parents, but in 1999 my parents divorced. My uncle, who’s an orthopedic surgeon, suggested that I get into the field of public health, so I gave it a try,” Mohamad recounts.

After choosing this path, Mohamad was matched with a hospital in Illinois, so he left Lebanon where he had been studying and working and moved across the world. He began what he thought would be his career for the rest of his life, but quickly became disillusioned as he was barely making ends meet and felt like he was working paycheck to paycheck and nothing else. Mohamad decided he needed a change.

“After my 1st year in the country, I reflected on my job and realized that working paycheck to paycheck wasn’t truly fulfilling. I decided to start my YouTube channel where I was vlogging what it was like to live the American dream. Through the YouTube channel, I started my own online business which teaches nursing students how to pass their board exam. I started making $3k/month, now have scaled up my business to $400K/month,” Mohamad states.

What makes Mohamad different from others in the same industry is that he spent hours researching, studying, and even living this life himself and is now applying the skills that he learned in order to help others achieve their goals. Mohamad continues to stay on the cutting edge of medicine by reading and refreshing his content with the latest understanding of medicine.

“After doing market research and studying the brands, I packaged all the information I gathered together and created the best product in the market with best customer service, experience, and results. I give personalized service to all of my clients. I have over 3,000 video testimonials of clients who have passed because of my course. I pour my heart out for my students because I really care for my students. I try to also make it entertaining, make it fun, and make it real while always encouraging my students through my techniques. I call it the Netflix of Nclex. It’s like a Netflix series where I teach, share my screen and show all my techniques,” Mohamad explains.

For his next big steps, Mohamad would like to move further into the nursing space and begin selling his courses to other businesses to further his teaching ability and assist students at the same time. He would like to be, as he says, the face of nursing in the United States where he can share all that he has learned throughout his years.

“I want to get into the nursing school space and sell my courses B2C. I also want my season 2 launch of my program to dominate every nursing school in the country. In other words, I want to be the face of nursing in the entire industry. “When people think of nursing, they think of alphaslice.” That’s the legacy I want to leave: to be talked about as the greatest nurse in history. I want to revolutionize the nursing education industry and dominate!” Mohamad exclaims.

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